Looking At A Blue Sky, Sitting Under A Cloud

Looking At A Blue Sky, Sitting Under A Cloud

It has been sunny out, I’m getting ready to sit outside in the sun, and relax. Aaaahhhh, I can just imagine the warmth relaxing my entire body. This is going to be wonderful. I get the chair set up, I’ve put my sun block on, l put on my, very cool, shades and sit down. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and… huh? Wait! Where did the sun go?! Oh, come on! I look up to see a cloud blocking the sun. Hmmm, hang on, it’s not blocking the sun over there, I can see blue sky. Ok, really? Why is this cloud blocking MY sun when I can see it is NOT blocking the sun over there?! Sigh. This is so not fair. I just got out here. Man. I look around and see there is actually blue sky all around me. It’s just this one pesky cloud blocking the sun over MY house. What’s up with THAT?!

Ok, well, there’s blue sky all around, so if I just hang out for a few minutes the sun should come back out. So, I sit there for a few minutes. Of course, when you’re waiting for something a minute seems like an hour. Fifteen minutes later, the sun still has not come back out, over my house. It is out everywhere else and I’m not a happy camper. I have other things I could be doing, so there really is no sense sitting here waiting for the sun to come out. It’s obviously not going to. So, I just gather my things and go inside.

An hour later, the sun is shining on my back deck. Seriously? I’ve come in. I’ve changed my clothes. I’m involved in an indoor activity now (okay, I’m cleaning – whoopee – grin). Oh, but the sunshine is beckoning to me, calling me to come out and relax. Do I dare try it again? Do I take a chance? Should I stop this mundane chore and do what my heart desired in the first place? It will take some time to wrap up what I’m doing, change back into tanning clothes, and get situated outside again. What if I go through the motions, get all ready to sit outside and relax in the sun, only to discover another cloud has come over my house and cast a dark shadow over me – again? I’m gonna give it a shot, and if the clouds come over again, yeah, I may be disappointed again, but ya know what? The sun will come out again, it has shown me that it will. It may take an hour, it may take a day, a week, a month, or more. The sun will come out again, and I will be ready to rejoice when I see it!

Isn’t life very similar to this scenario? We are unhappy, dissatisfied, we’ve been hurt, a dark cloud is over us. We can see where it is nice. We can see what we want, it’s within our reach, and yet instead of waiting for it, or going after it, we give up. Then, an opportunity arises for us to be where it’s nice, get what we want, grab the tiger by the tail and go for it. But – we hesitate. This is the moment of decision. What to do? Will we decide it’s too much of a hassle to put forth the effort to get what our heart truly desires? Are we afraid it might not happen and we could be disappointed, again? Are we willing to take that chance? Me, personally, I’m willing to take any chance at happiness. This has to be your decision and only you can make that choice.


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