Be a light in the darkness

Be a light in the darkness

While planning my weekly posts for NewDirection Life Coaching, I put a fantastic quote to a pretty good picture, which immediately brought a song to mind. I included the song in the Pinterest post. It posted Wednesday. If you didn’t happen to see it, you can view it here –

The concept around the posts is that you can be
• a light to someone in darkness
• a ray of sunshine to someone going through a storm
• hope to the hopeless
Clichés? Sure, but also truths.

How you interact with others can make a difference in their life. Profound to think about, isn’t it?

Have you noticed that people tend to avoid grouchy people, unless they want to be grouchy, too? Misery loves company. For the most part, though, people want to be happy and when they are going through tough times, they will seek out people who can lift their spirits.

How can you be a light in the darkness for someone you may not even know is struggling?

1. Smile – at everyone. Not only does it make people wonder what you’re up to (chuckle) it could make a difference in someone’s day.
2. Make eye contact – not in a threatening manner, but let others know you actually see them.
3. Give without expectations – you don’t need to have your generosity returned, just give… not necessarily money, but perhaps items, resources, information, and definitely time.
4. Listen – sometimes people don’t want you to “fix” their problem, they just want someone to listen as they vent. Actually, once they get it off their chest, they may discover their own solution. How cool is that?!
5. Be genuine – none of these suggestions will work if you are faking it. Be real. Truly care about others.

These are just a few ideas to brighten someone else’s day.

Maybe you are feeling as though you are in the dark right now… seek out someone who can be a light to help you through your storm. There are people who care about you! You have value, you have worth, you are loved.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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