Kids and Step-kids

Kids and Step-kids

Have you ever had writer’s block, and told people you have it? The ideas just come flying in! Grin.

I think I’ll take one of those ideas and run with it. It was suggested I write about kids/step-kids, the same or different. Ok, I’ll bite.

I was previously married, before my current husband of 26 years. I had a little boy, who was 4 ½ when I married my husband. Together, we had a little boy. So we have two boys. We have always been a family. Yes, my older son visited his father over the summer, when he was older, so we didn’t hide the fact that we were a blended family. We were/are a family, and like many families, a little dysfunctional, but a family none the less.

I was always impressed with the way my in-laws immediately accepted my son as their grandson. They always have, even when “blood” grandchildren came along, my son was their first grandson and never felt otherwise.

When my youngest son married a woman with children from a previous marriage, he accepted them as his, even though they see their father a couple times a month. He treats them and loves them as if they were of his blood. And us, as grandparents… well I have the wonderful model that my in-laws provided. Those two cutie pies are our grandkids, just like my older son’s two cutie pies are our grandkids. I tell people all the time… we have four grandchildren all between the ages of 4 and 6. I LOVE being a grandmother!

So, in my personal experience kids/grandkids blood or by marriage… all the same. Love ‘em up.

Now, I know that isn’t the case in all families. Some families really struggle with the whole “blended family” situation. Sometimes one side of the family bad-mouths the other side and the children can’t help but get confused. Who do they trust? Who do they love? That makes it tough on the kids. Since I’ve not experienced that, I can’t really speak to it, except to suggest that the families try to think what is in the best interest of the kids.

Kids act the way they see their parents act. Are you being a good model for your children?

*Pam Horton is a certified Parenting Coach in the Raleigh area.*


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