Just my thoughts…

Just my thoughts…

Freedom of speech?

Okay, now I’m mad.  I don’t pay much attention to the news.  I will glance at headlines, but rarely do I see an article I need to read.  However, I did see something this week that has gotten me hot under the collar.  I have not followed it closely, so I may be going off the cuff here, but it’s my blog so I think I’m allowed to do that.  I’m going to exercise MY freedom of speech.

The Supreme Court of these wonderful United States of America has ruled, this week, that the First Amendment protects the hateful military funeral protests by the Westboro Baptist Church.  YOU HAVE GOT TA BE KIDDING ME!!

Let’s say it does and it is the right of that church to protest at military funerals, under the First Amendment – what about slander, or harassment, or something?!  These people should not be allowed to disrupt the funeral of a soldier, or tarnish that soldier’s memory. 

Any U.S. military personnel deserve to be treated with honor and respect, alive or dead.  I know that was not the case after the Viet Nam war, and I am saddened and disgusted when reminded of how some people treated our returning veteran’s of that war.  Thankfully, the country rallied around our troops after 9/11 and while not necessarily supporting the war, citizens realized it was very important to support our soldiers (and their families who are left behind to deal with the everyday duties of living, while not knowing if their soldier will be returning home to them or not).

The United States is, officially, at war.  I put forth that it is not the United States that are at war, but the U.S. soldier who is at war.  We go on living our everyday life, going to work, goin’ out on the weekends, hanging out with family and friends – while our soldiers walk the roads hoping to find the IED trip wire before someone steps on it, or drives over it – praying that the rocket propelled grenade coming over the wall doesn’t have anyone’s name on it, especially theirs.  Our brave soldiers put their life on the line for the freedoms that we have here at home – every minute of every day they are deployed.

With the news that your soldier has been KIA (Killed In Action), the family is sent into a deep grief, mourning the loss of their loved one.  While the soldier will never know if their funeral had protesters in attendance, the family members left behind to remember, respect, cherish and honor the memory of the soldier they never got a chance to see one last time IS impacted by funeral protesters!

 How can our country allow this to continue?  No, they are not condoning it, but they are allowing it, legally, under the First Amendment.  Okay all you lawyers and law student friends of mine – I’m going to start researching some means of LEGALLY stopping it.  You all would have a leg up on me, as you have already amassed great knowledge in your field.  Jump on the bandwagon, let’s find a legal way to protect the families of soldiers from the devastation of a protest at their hero’s funeral.

Someone was asking me about a group for something or other (the topic doesn’t matter) and I told them – funny it just came out of my mouth but I liked it – grin… “If there isn’t someone around doing what you want to do, and you have a heart for it – be the one, start it.”  It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  I’m sure there must be others who are as unhappy about  this ruling as I am – let’s find the amendment, or law, or “right” that can do something about!

Ya’ll know how to get a hold of me, just respond to the blog – HOOAH!

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