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It’s that time of year again

It’s that time of year again, time to go through your stuff and get rid of things!
It’s garage sale season, right? Well, yes, but it’s also a good time to evaluate the items you have in your home (i.e., clothes, knick-knacks, those souvenirs you had to have, the gifts you will re-gift, etc.)
Actually, we are going through this process right now, because we have decided to downsize, and our house is on the market. That sort of forces people to evaluate their things!
As one friend was over (looking to see if she wanted anything, for free, before the garage sale in a few days), she commented on how hard it must be and how “purging” was something they really needed to do at their house. I explained to her that it really isn’t hard, it’s just a process.
Here’s what I suggested to her.
• Do one room at a time
• Start with three piles
1. Keep
2. Donate
3. Trash
• Throw out the trash pile
• Pack up the donate pile
• Take a second look at the KEEP pile
• Divide it into three piles
1. Keep out
2. Save (pack away in storage)
3. Donate (Yes, you’ll find some things in your keep pile you won’t need to keep)
• Add the new donate items to the packed up donations and take it somewhere
• Pack up your save pile and put it into the attic/garage/closet
• Put away your keep pile.
See? Not that hard, just a process. Just think of how much more room you’ll have in your house!
The weekend is upon us, ready… set… GO!

*Pam Horton is a Personal Organization Skills Coach in the Raleigh Area*

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