It’s Morning!

It’s Morning!

    Day By Day

Anyone remember the movie Godspell, or am I just dating myself? Grin. There was a song titled Day By Day. It crossed my mind when I was titling this weeks blog.

So, a friend/co-worker of some friends of mine passed away last night. They were in a car accident a week ago and it appeared that things were improving, and then – not – and they were gone. It reminds me just how precious, and unpredictable life is.

This got me thinking about my grandchildren. I know, everything makes me think of my grandchildren – let’s face it – I miss them. Video calls are definitely nice, but nothing compares to those little arms hugging your neck, sigh. Ah, but I digress.

The last time my three year old granddaughter stayed the night with me, back in December, I was amazed at how chipper, happy and just plain amazed she was that morning had arrived. Unfortunately for me, it was about 6:30AM – chuckle. Picture this – with sound… A wee little blondie sitting straight up from her slumber and in a high pitched, sing-song little voice announces, “Bumpy!… that’s what she calls me… “Bumpy! It’s morning!” I rolled over and sort of, huh’d her. Still in a sweet angelic voice, “It’s morning, can we get up now?” To which I told her it was kinda early and maybe she could lay back down and rest for a bit. “But Bumpy… it’s MORNING.” Ok, you can’t argue with that logic, so… we got up. I headed straight for the coffee and she proceeded to run around the house just so happy to greet the day. My goodness, if I could bottle that energy, I’d be rich.

When was the last time you woke up and were excited that it was morning? Maybe the last time you were on vacation. I would venture to guess that most people, begrudgingly, wake up to an alarm clock – at least during the week. What about on the weekends, when many of us get to “sleep in”? Do you wake up excited that it’s morning? I’m guessing probably not. Even when we wake up on our own, I bet many of us are thinking, “Sigh, ookaay, I guess I’ll get up.” Does this sound like anyone you know? I know I’m guilty of this.

I will admit – I am not a morning person. I will never forget one time my folks were visiting and I dragged myself out of bed and crawled (not literally) to the coffee pot. My dad was already up, having his coffee (yes, he’s one of those peppy morning people) and he said, “Good Morning, Sunshine!” Then he let out a little chuckle. I did manage a grunt in acknowledgement, but I typically need two cups of java to become a person in the morning – grin.

When I hear that someone I know, or know of, has passed away it reminds me that life is uncertain. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Yes, we make plans and have schedules, but the reality is we live our life day by day. Shouldn’t we wake up every morning with the excitement, anticipation, and pure joy of a three year old? After all, it is a new day, a chance to continue the good things that happened yesterday, or correct the unpleasant things of yesterday and have a better today.

I challenge you to sit straight up in your bed tomorrow morning and in a high pitched, sing song, excited voice say, “It’s morning!” I bet it’ll make you smile. Just try it and see.

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