It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

Almost Missed Friday – Oops

YIKES!  Did you know it’s Friday?  It’s almost 5:00PM and I haven’t posted my BLOG – Oh, MY!  I have to admit – I haven’t even THOUGHT about my blog today, let alone written it… shame on me, sigh.

I have been buried amongst the papers of a deceased distant relative.  Yes, I am a family history buff, and I can sometimes get lost in the midst of trying to connect this person to that family, etc, etc, etc.  Actually, I have made some progress the last few days, which is a good thing, I can start filing some of these papers away – or donating information that doesn’t apply to my direct line.

My biggest distraction today has been the diary of a many times removed cousin from 1830.  He took a business trip from Virginia through Ohio to Kentucky.  I only got through the first six pages the other day, but I think it would make an amazing historical fiction novel.  The historical part being his descriptions of the towns he passed through, the fiction part being me adding characters and a fun storyline.  I won’t bog you down with the details (as there are MANY – that’s why the Blog slipped my mind).

 Let me just say, “Thank goodness for sticky notes”, especially the one that says, “BLOG Fridays.” Grin.

So, how well do you know your family history?  Can you go past your grandparents?  Do you know your great-grandparents names and/or where they were from?  Can you go back even further?  If you have some spare time, and the internet, try putting some names in and see what pops up.  Yeah, every family has its black sheep and skeletons, but that is in the past, so don’t let it scare ya.  You may find some very cool information!!  Check it out.

Update – Oh YEAH!  Just got the okay that the copyright has expired, I can incorporate the factual diary into a historical fiction.  Hmmmm, now to find the time to WRITE it – grin.

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