It’s a new day

It’s a new day

Mindset. It’s a powerful thing.  I would like you to listen to THIS SONG VIDEO before continuing to read.

Think about the words you saw and heard.

                Many of the lyrics mention something and then say, “you know how I feel.”  How DO you feel about those things? Is it something that brings you a sense of peace?

                At one point the singer asks, “you know what I mean?” and responds with a remark about sleeping peacefully.

                The song goes on to talk about freedom, a new day, a new life and ends with, “I’m feeling good.” What a terrific way to end a song, and a year. 

2020 is officially behind us, but I believe we have a long way to go into 2021 before everyone gets back to some sense of “normalcy.”   Admittedly, not everyone has struggled this year, but many have. We know many people who have health concerns, and even more who are struggling with financial woes.

The reality becomes our mindset. A person’s perception is their reality.  There are some things we can control, and in those cases, we should take the wisest action. However, in these times, there are numerous things that we can do nothing about.  It is for those situations that we have to make a choice.  We can:

  • Fight the system, to no avail
  • Get angry, bitter, and lash out
  • Become overwhelmed, shut down, and feel sorry for ourselves


  • Decide this is how it is and figure out a way to move positively forward within the parameters we have
  • Choose to focus of the joy in our lives. You may have to look hard, but there is something there
  • Focus on the healthy things that bring moments of peacefulness

It comes down to how you want to react to the things you cannot control.

  1. With anger, worry and frustration, OR
  2. with hopeful anticipation for a new outlook on life.

Personally, I’m going to pick B and decide “I’m feeling good.”

Hoping that 2021 is a fantastic year for all of us!!