Is it time to step up?

Is it time to step up?

Step Up

I think I may have written about this before, it certainly is a continuous issue.  Volunteering…

So, last blog you learned that my husband and I are relocating.  We have been here almost eight years.  We have gotten involved with church and civic organizations, and I am still involved at the high school.

I will be the first one to say that no one is indispensible.  However, when someone steps down from a volunteer position, there doesn’t seem to be a large pool of volunteers willing to step up to fill the spot.  Why is it like pulling teeth to get people to volunteer?

So another person & I started this club and when I told one of the head people that I was moving, their comment was “Well, that’s the end of the X club.”  To which I replied, “It better not be.”  But realistically, if no one stepped up to take it over that would have indeed been the case.  I found one person willing to take it over, and was so grateful for that.

In another organization, I wore three hats. Thankfully all those slots have also been filled, but it wasn’t easy. 

In a different group, I wore four hats.  At this point, no one has volunteered to take anything over.  We have a meeting this weekend and I have pre-announced that I am bringing all my stuff and not taking any of it home with me.  Somebody will have to step up, and somebody will, but I feel like I have to strong arm them to volunteer.

I understand that people are busy, I’m busy.  I also understand you can’t force people to volunteer.  People have to have a desire to volunteer at something they like to do, or have a passion for.  So what has happened to our passion?  What has happened to our desire to serve others for the greater good?  What has happened to the desire to help others?  Have we become a country so consumed with ourselves that we can’t be bothered to give any of our precious time to organizations that help provide a need?

There was a woman on FaceBook talking about the price our soldiers have to pay for flights to see their families on leave.  She said she should start an organization to raise funds to help pay for (or reduce the cost) of service member’s flights.  I encouraged her to do it.  If she sees a need and has a desire to fill that need – good for her!  It won’t be easy.  Trying to get money out of people can be just as hard as trying to get time from them.  Although, I have noticed it seems people would rather give money instead of time.  Interesting, don’t you think?

It is my personal opinion that if you have more than four hours a day of “down time” (watching TV, playing video games, leisure reading, partying, etc.), then you have an hour a day that you could spend volunteering somewhere.  That adds up to 30 hours a month of volunteering.  Hmm, that does seem excessive.  How about five hours a month?  That could be an hour a week, or 2.5 hours twice a week.  You get the idea.  I probably volunteer about 15 hours a week, in peak.  I can do that because I do very little of the things mentioned in () above. 

What about time for myself, you might ask?  If you have four or more hours a day of down time, giving up one of those hours to volunteer still leaves you three hours of time for yourself.  It’s a numbers game.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  You should sleep eight and work eight, that leaves eight for “you” time.  Yes, you have chores and family time that are also very important, but I bet you could squeak out an hour a week to volunteer somewhere.

Do you have the time to step up?

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