Is it just me?

Is it just me?

Am I the only one who comes out of Walmart thinking, “I should apply for a job there and show them how it’s done.”?

I actually had this conversation with a woman in line a couple weeks ago.  I said, “Look around you.  Do you see anyone smiling, employees or customers?”  She looked around and, seemingly  surprised, replied, “Actually, no.”

Not to pick on Walmart, it’s just that it’s the place I visit most often at the moment (until I figure out my way around town – grin).  Let’s use any restaurant, or the DMV, even a movie theater.  Where is the joy in customer service?  I think I have blogged on this topic before. 

When I was in customer service (yeah I know back in the dark ages, no but seriously), I was smiling and pleasant – most of the time.  Everybody is entitled to a bad day, and sometimes our personal life does spill over into our professional life, but that should not be the norm.

I’ve worked in the food/beverage business, retail, and school districts.  I have always strived to be pleasant at work.  In the food/beverage business, if you want customers to come back again, you should be nice to them, act happy to be at work and give them good service.  This is even true in the retail business.  Now, with the school district, you kind of have a captive audience and I have seen some pretty miserable teachers.  For the most part though, your day will go easier if you are pleasant.

So, what has happened to customer service?  Do people at the DMV figure you HAVE to go there, so they don’t have to be nice to you?  What about Walmart?  People will go there for the prices, regardless of customer service, so it doesn’t matter how you treat them?  I can tell you I will not go to this cashier again.  Man, she literally threw my stuff in the bags.  In the Walmart in Roanoke, VA., there were certain cashiers I would go to and others I would avoid, if I could.  Of course, I still shopped there, so the store got my money either way.  There was one woman, a greeter, who was always pleasant, smiling and helpful.  I imagine that’s why they put her at the door.  When we moved, I made a point of walking up to her, shaking her hand and telling her that we were moving and I wanted to take that opportunity to tell her I appreciated seeing her positive attitude, and smiling face each time I shopped there.  She was speechless. 

Why was she speechless?  Is it because she figures she’s just doin’ her job, like everybody else?  Maybe she doesn’t realize that her positive attitude and smiling face shine brightly above her co-workers.  Is it possible no one ever thanked her for doing a great job?  Oh, I hope not.  I would hope that managers are aware of how their employees come across to others.

Maybe I am frequenting the wrong places.  It just seems to me that people don’t care about their work.  They are there, they do their job, and collect their paycheck.  It’s just the way it is and life sucks (excuse my language).  In this day and age, I would think people would be happy to be at work, earning an income.  Am I missing something?

Maybe people are unpleasant because they don’t like their job.  What is stopping them from getting a job they would enjoy? I suppose a job they would enjoy may not be one they can obtain.  Okay, so what do they need to do to get the job they want?  Are they pursuing it?  It just seems to me that if you are miserable in your job, you should find another job.  One that you enjoy going to.  I absolutely hate to voice this thought… is it possible people just don’t want to work?  They just want to sit home and watch TV?  Then how will they pay their bills?  No, no, I’m not going to get into a political discussion here, not going to jump on that soapbox.

In summation (grin), if someone doesn’t like their job, they should look for another one that will make them happy.  If they are stuck in the job they have and are not looking at ways to change that, then they should at least be pleasant at work and be thankful they have a job and an income.

I’m still thinking I should apply for a job at that Walmart and show them how it’s done.  Part time, mind you, as I still want to be available to coach people who have made the decision to change – grin.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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