Inside my brain

Inside my brain

Friday kinda snuck up on me & I will admit, I’m not properly prepared with a BLOG topic.  However, I don’t want to break routine, (I missed last week as it was, with the move from Virginia to North Carolina).  I recall once (and only once – teehee), Jim asked me what I was thinking about and I let him know.  He was amazed that so many things were going through my head at once, well maybe not “at once” but in such quick succession.  I told him, that’s just how the female brain works – grin.

So, on this Friday, whilst in the midst of continued unpacking, my youngest son/soldier coming in late tonight for the week, and knowing I won’t see my oldest son & his family for Christmas, I thought I’d let my thoughts wander and give you just a sample of my brain.  Hold on, the ride could get a little bumpy and take sharp turns at any point…

Wishing & praying for world peace

I can’t believe a serviceman had to hawk his Purple Heart for Christmas gift money
So thankful my son is not in Afghanistan anymore
Jeff Dunham’s pretty funny
I really need to replace that kitchen faucet
Seriously, who would use faucets that sit a stinkin’ foot above the sink?!
My dad and I will be crazy caulkers when my folks pass through in the spring
I hope Connor will be getting the services he needs SOON
If that insurance bill would pass, he could go to BRAAC
Wouldn’t it be nice if Joe & family moved down here
I can’t wait to use the pool
I want to see the movie Chipmonked – it looks funny
So sad to hear of so many deaths recently
I sure wish our military would just come home
Hmm, might I be an isolationist?
I wonder how my BFF’s are doing
Jimmy’s phone is on the fritz, sigh how will he be in contact while traveling today
I better go pull up that email with his flight details & pray it doesn’t change
So glad we don’t have feet of snow
A light dusting of snow the week between Christmas & New Year would be nice
We need a buyer for our house in Virginia
Some people post the most disgusting things on FaceBook
Oh – hotflash
This house is gonna take some getting used to
It’s not that I don’t like it (we bought it after all) it’s just different
Hey, ya know what?  I woke up this morning.  Thank you, Lord.
I wonder how some of my “young” friends are doing
Where are we gonna put all this STUFF
Oh, boy I have a lot to do.
Let the day begin

Oh, I could go on.  Just wait til I get in the shower – the hot water seems to really get the thought process flowing.  I can’t take my laptop in the shower though, so I guess I better sign off for this week.

Christmas is in two days.  Happy whatever holiday you celebrate.  For me, we celebrate Christmas and Jesus is the reason for the season.  So I will sign off with Merry Christmas!

Love to all

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