How often do we choose not to do something because it is inconvenient?

I am currently dealing with some dental issues that are very inconvenient. Yet, I know the trouble will be worth it in the end.  But let’s not make this about me. I hope you all have come to the same conclusion when something could be beneficial but inconvenient. Although not everyone does.

For example:

  • A neighbor or family member asks you to stop at the store and pick up an inexpensive item for them on your way home. You are driving right by the store, but it’s been a long day at work, and you are ready to be home. It would be         inconvenient for you to accommodate the request. What do you do?  I know people who would make the stop and others who would not.

Turn that around…

  • You are home, in your comfy clothes, and realize you need something for your dinner recipe that you don’t have. You have already heard from your spouse that they’ve had a rough day. You want to call them and ask them to pick your item up, but you know it would be inconvenient for them to stop at the store.  Would you make the call or run down to the store yourself?  Again, I know people who would call and others who would go.

Same scenario (helping another), different perspectives, and different responses. Inconvenience is a matter of mindset, circumstances, and time, with a bit of tolerance and patience thrown in.

A mindset of putting others before self would have the driver stop at the store or the person at home go out to the store.

Circumstances call really come into play. How tough a day did the driver have, or even the person at home?  Sometimes they may not even have the energy to add one more task to their already full day.

In doing something to help ourselves like dental work, exercising, budgeting our finances, or any number of possible scenarios, the same comment can be made… Inconvenience is a matter of mindset, circumstances, and time, with a bit of tolerance and patience thrown in. If you already know whatever the inconvenience is, it will be better for you in the end, do you tough it out or skip it? I know plenty of people who choose to skip it.

In most of these cases, having a routine and sticking to it is a considerable step towards looking positively forward, past the inconvenience, to the end goal. Realistically, if you miss a day of (fill in the blank) but get right back to it the following day, it probably isn’t a big deal. Life happens, and sometimes unexpected urgent issues arise. Allow yourself a little slack when it is needed.

Are you ready to look and an inconvenient situation a little differently now? Be good to yourself and others, even if it is a minor inconvenience.