Inconsiderate or lack of knowledge?

Inconsiderate or lack of knowledge?

It amazes me how many kids don’t grab the door on their way through it. You know, when you walk through the door, the person in front of you is holding it open, then you take it as you walk through, then the next person behind you holds it as they go through, etc. Everyone gets through in a nice orderly, timely manner. Apparently not in this generation. I have observed one child open the door and hold it, while 10 or so other kids walk through it behind them and the poor person holding the door is almost getting run over because they are in the way… because no one else will take the door. I have even gone so far as to stop a group of kids as they are coming in and said, “everybody take the door on your way in.” They look at me like I’m nuts. Are the kids being inconsiderate, or did no one ever teach them how to properly walk through a door?

Another recent incident was with adults blocking the road. In a long line that wasn’t moving, I had to wait what seemed like forever, until the line got moving again and some kind soul let me out. Why hadn’t the person who was blocking the road considered that they should leave the way out open for people who were leaving?

Or how about this one…
…kids being allowed to climb on our national monuments like they were at a park or a jungle gym. Oh my goodness! Our national monuments are meant to be an honorable memorial for those who served in that event, not a jungle gym. Get those kids of there!
I have to tell you, in both cases involving children; I would say they didn’t know any better. Maybe with the adult, too? So, whose responsibility is it to teach children the proper way to behave in public, the rules of common courtesy, the rules of the road? Hmmm, I think that one rests squarely on their parent’s shoulders. Is it possible the parents have a lack of knowledge too? I suppose it could be, but as a parent you have a responsibility to teach your children how to behave in every situation, and if you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution, or look it up.
• Emily Post would be a good start for holding the door.
• The DVM would be good for the rules of the road.
• Reading the posted signs (that say No Climbing, or Keep Off) is always beneficial.

These kids are our future; let’s teach them to be considerate of others.


*Pam Horton is a certified Parenting Coach in the Raleigh area.*


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