In the out door

In the out door

Do you ever try to exit a building, through the exit door, only to have to wait for people coming IN the out door to clear the doorway? I actually watched someone walk past the entrance to go in the out door. What is up with that?

I’ll admit, I have been accused of being a “rule follower.” Although, if you asked my parents about my teen/early twenties years they would tell you I was not a rule follower then. Now, yes, I tend to follow the rules. I certainly go in the entrance and out the exit doors. If everyone used the proper doors in the proper flow there would be much less backup at doorways.

My question is… Why can’t people use the proper door? Is it because
• People are too busy to pay attention
On their phones
Deep in conversation
• Some people just don’t care
About anyone other than themselves
How their actions might affect others
• The rules don’t apply to everyone
¬Especially them

If it’s because people are too busy to pay attention, that could actually be dangerous. If we aren’t paying attention to where we are walking we could trip, fall and get hurt. People also might walk into something, or someone, or even in front of a car. Please pay attention to your surroundings.

If it’s because people don’t care, that’s not good either. We should care about our actions, and be responsible for them. We should care about other people and if they are doing okay. We could use more caring people in the world these days.

The idea that the rules don’t apply to everyone is just plain incorrect. It may seem that way sometimes, but there are consequences (good or bad) for our actions.

This may seem to be a blog about foot traffic patterns, but in reality, this behavior may be happening in other areas of your life too. You see, it’s a mindset that makes it okay to go in the out door.

If you happen to recognize yourself as someone who goes in the out door, or whatever door they want, maybe it’s time to reconsider your travel path. Just sayin’.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*