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A couple weeks ago, I realized… I have become very busy on my computer. I post to three different Facebook pages, I have my blog, newsletter, and am taking a couple classes. That says nothing of the personal Facebook checking I do. I’m not loaded down with “friends”, but I have enough so that someone is always posting something that I need to read and/or respond to. Come on, admit it – you know what I’m talkin’ about.

So, I’ve thought,” OK, I’m fine with this. I’m keeping myself pretty busy.” HA! For various reasons (friends being away on vacation, family members starting new jobs/school) I hadn’t really spoken with anyone – other than my husband – in about two weeks! I played pickleball the other day and I was downright GIDDY. Can’t you just see me, giggling and jumping for joy? Yes, I was glad to be playing pickleball – it had been about two weeks since we had played, but I was ecstatic to be conversing with someone in person!

I can be witty on Facebook (at least I try – grin) and ya’ll respond accordingly with an “lol” or a “HOOAH!” But there is nothing like the feedback of face to face conversation!! I honestly didn’t realize this until that day. Wow. To see other people’s facial expressions when you engage in conversation, to hear their tone of voice, to hear a good hearty belly laugh, it is just so much more fulfilling in person!

If you are busy, but you are often alone – phone a friend and make plans to meet somewhere. Get out and do something, join a club, volunteer somewhere. Maybe you already do these things but the work involved keeps you busy at home. Put the mouse down. Stand up and back away slowly from the computer. Turn around and keep walking. Yes, you. Get out of the house and find some people to interact with. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve missed it. Enjoy!

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