In a slump

In a slump

One of my favorite quotes is from former Yankee baseball plater/manager, Yogi Berra.  One of the many famous things he said is, “90% of the game is 50% mental.” Obviously, the math doesn’t add up, but the point is… success is all in your head.

You can see it happen (especially in sports).  Once the player starts doing poorly, it becomes a head game.  They really have to battle back to stay in the game.  The ones who can “keep their head in the game” are the ones who seem to do best.

I will admit, every now and again, I get in a mental slump (not often, mind you, but it happens).   Thankfully, my husband is great at talking me through a “funk.”   If that doesn’t work, he’ll take me to go visit my grandchildren.  That does it – every time!

How do you handle a slump?  Those times that you may get down on yourself because you are not achieving as well as you think you should be in some area of your life? I imagine with our current pandemic situations everyone is having a slump now and again.

Getting down, every now and then happens, to most of us.  The trick is to recognize it and get back up.  How do you do that?

  • Find a peaceful spot to ponder and plan
  • Take steps to improve the situation
  • Find thankful moments in every day
  • Ask for help

One of Jim’s “mentors,” John C. Maxwell, likes to say, “I’m never down. I’m either up or getting up.”

I’m including one of my favorite “self-help” songs, Get Back Up Again.  Listen to it – it’s great!

Remember 90% of the game is 50% mental!