Imitation is the best form of flattery

Imitation is the best form of flattery

I am a grandmother of four, two boys and two girls.  While I love all my grandchildren the same (don’t we all?), I raised two boys. So, I absolutely treasure the time I spend with my granddaughters.  When they were younger and would visit, we used to do “girl stuff.”  I mean, my boys never let me put ribbons in their hair. Chuckle.

Now that the girls are older, we still do things, but it wouldn’t necessarily be defined as “girl stuff” anymore.  I happen to have many interests and ask them to join me in anything I am doing.  They used to love to help with the laundry, or dishes, vacuuming or cooking. Now they tend to balk at household chores. Darn.

Recent visits found them interested in different things.  The young one, now ten, has taken an interest in gardening.  She always enjoys planting, watering, and harvesting, our fruits and veggies.  The older one, now 12, has developed an interest in photography, and editing.  If you follow any of my social media pages, you know I love taking and editing pictures.  I so enjoy that the girls have taken up interests in the things I am interested in. It’s so sweet to do things together.

It is important to spend time with your children and grandchildren.  It’s a bonus if they like some of the same things you do. Afterall, imitation is the best form of flattery and you get to do something you enjoy. BUT… even if you don’t have the same interests you need to find something your child/ grandchild enjoys and spend some time doing it with them.

It is in the casual, non-scripted, moments that we can truly connect with another person. In easy flowing conversation and the comradery that comes from performing the same task or enduring the same experience we find a connection that is real. Forming a real connection with our grandchildren is essential to teaching them how to navigate the future.  The coming generations will be running the world. Let’s give them a good base to begin with.