I’m worn out

I’m worn out

I’m too young to be this worn out!

Now I know why we have our children when we are younger. The energy children have is exhausting.

I substitute in elementary special education classes, and love it, but I get to rest and get my other work done when I get home.

This weekend our youngest son came to visit with our seven and eight year old grandchildren. Man they are full on from the time they wake up until the time they drop off to sleep! Fifteen hours of energetic activity. When they left, they forgot a kid. No, not really, but they did leave the seven year old behind to have some time with us. Man did she keep me busy!

In no particular order we…
Made playdough (this is a fun and easy recipe… http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Playdough-Play-doh/)
Baked a cake, and decorated it
Made pizza
Made muffins
Worked on a puzzle
Played chess
Played cards
Picked food from the garden
Watered the garden
Went shopping
Went to the Science Museum
Went swimming 3 times each day
Watched a movie each night (the only down time we had)
Whew! I am worn out.

We had boys, so I absolutely love having extra days where one or the other granddaughter visits. I do find that the older I get the more tired I am after playing all day. BUT, I am still doing it. The girls love their visits when they get to be the center of attention. I wouldn’t miss seeing the smiles on their faces for all the sleep in the world.

I have mentioned before that many children crave time with an adult they love. And that time doesn’t have to be costly. Look at my list. Other than going shopping, and the cost of the food items we used to make things, that’s not an expensive to do list. You can find inexpensive, or free, things to do in any location.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle make it a priority to spend time with a child, doing the things they want to do. You make be worn out at the end of the day, but it’s a happy, tired, and well worth it feeling.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Parenting Coach in the Raleigh area.*