I’m a grown up so I must be unintelligent, right?

I’m a grown up so I must be unintelligent, right?

I’m a grown up so I must be unintelligent, right?

There have been emails, columns, comic strips, and comedy routines about how kids perceive their parents.

Let’s take a look at a “typical” relationship, over time.

I think from birth until a child enters school, they think their parents are absolutely, unquestionably the wisest people on the planet.  I mean, really, we’ve taught them everything they know.  Treasure this time – it is about to change.

During the elementary school years, our child discovers that there are other people that know, at least as much as we do – if not more.  That little glimmer of doubt enters their minds, as they discover we are fallible.

The middle school years bring even more intelligent people into their sphere, their peers.  With these peers comes the peer parents, who let their children jump off a bridge!  Hm, not only are we fallible, but we aren’t cool anymore either, sigh.

Ah, the high school years, chuckle.  This is when we become fallible, uncool, idiots.  Our children know far better than we do what can happen at the party down the street, the house with the parents out of town for the weekend.  Nothing bad ever happens in that situation.

As young adults, our children are learning what it means to be an adult.  We have never had to job hunt or make a car payment, or decide whether to marry or not, so what words of wisdom could we possible impart?

Parents – take heart!  When our children become parents, we suddenly have value again.  I’m not talking about as babysitters, either.  Our kids begin to realize that we might be able to provide some words of advice that may assist them in childrearing.  Of course, it helps when we laugh and comment, “Hm, wonder where she gets THAT from?!”  Or maybe, “What goes around comes around, huh?” as we snicker.

I guess going from genius to idiot to wise is the pattern of life most of us will go through.  The genius phase is wonderful.  The idiot phase just plain stinks, but when we reach the wise stage, we truly are wiser.  It shows in our demeanor, our tolerance level and our patience. 

As a grandparent – I love this stage.  However, my grandkids are young.  I wonder if the phase will start all over once they get to school.  I hope the idiot stage is reserved for parents and grandparents are always wise.

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