If you’re happy where you’re living clap your hands

If you’re happy where you’re living clap your hands


Last weekend I saw three very different photos posted in my Facebook newsfeed.

  • beautiful snow covered yard and trees
  • vibrant autumn colored mountainsides
  • bright sunshine and white sandy beaches

All of these locations are on the east coast of the U.S.A., but how very different the weather is up and down the coast from Florida to Vermont.

Being an Army brat, I’ve lived in many different places.  As a married adult, we have slowly been migrating south because we DON’T like cold and snow.

My parents are retired and blessed enough to be snowbirds (meaning they live in Vermont in the summer and Florida during the winter).  They recently considered settling in one location, year-round, and decided that there really wasn’t one perfect spot for them, one that was just right in the winter and just right in the summer.  So, they’ve decided to continue to be snowbirds for now.

My brother and his wife have recently become empty nesters and are making the move south because they DON’T like cold and snow, either.

Now, my in-laws?  That entire side of the family will be in the northeast forever, they love the cold and struggle with the heat.

Some people love the beach, others love the mountains.  Some folks prefer woods, while others like wide open spaces.  You have city folk and country folk.  Everyone has their preferences.  If you could live in your “perfect” location, where would that be?  Do you live their now?

I believe my perfect location would be Hawaii, but… it’s pretty expensive, and way too far away from the rest of my family.  For the most part, North Carolina suits me fine.

If you are not in your perfect location, what’s stopping you from being there?  Obviously, for some of us it could be financial, or family concerns.  Those are certainly valid concerns.  For others of us, we really want to move, but are afraid to strike out into new territory.  I’m not sure that flies (with me anyway).  If you have the means, ability and desire, why not make a move that will make you happy in your location?

Start with little steps, like going to your perceived perfect location for vacation, repeat it for a couple of years, maybe longer vacations or long weekends, if it’s not too far away.  Explore your options, and then… when you feel comfortable and confident with your decision… move.  Yes, it can be a hassle, but the benefits of living in your perfect location can be priceless.

It’s the weekend, what location are you going to explore today?


*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh area.*


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