I love to read

I love to read

While volunteering at the USO yesterday, I was tasked with restocking the bookcases that had been emptied to be moved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the title of each book as I set them up on the shelves. I have read some of them, and found a couple that sounded so interesting I brought them home to read. I love to read!

My parents read to me as a child. Having a story was part of my bedtime routine. Consequently, we read bedtime stories to our boys. Interestingly enough, while our boys remain avid readers, they never picked up the bedtime story routine with their children.

I believe that children who are read to become readers, not just for school work, but for pleasure.

My dad and my husband, Jim, can sit and read for hours! I’m not quite that much of a reader. I tend to read my learning books during the day and my pleasure books at bedtime. In fact, if I don’t read before sleeping, I have a hard time going to sleep.

Reading has MANY benefits. Reading helps you
• learn things
• improve concentration
• fall asleep
• strengthen your imagination
• reduce stress
• improve memory
• write better

Speaking of writing, I not only love to read, but I love to write. I have also discovered I enjoy doing research. I am considering writing a book about some abandoned buildings in the area. You KNOW there has to be a story there!

So, how about you? Do you love to read? Do you write? If so, we are kindred spirits. Grin.

Statistics say 33% of U.S. HS graduates will not read a book after they get out of school. If that is you, have I convinced you about the value and fun of reading?

There are too many different types of books to even list here. It’s probably easiest to break it into the two main types… Fiction or Non-Fiction. If you are new to the idea of reading… start with a fun fiction book. Something that interests you, a real page turner. I love historical fiction, but there lots of fiction options.
• Mystery
• Romance
• Sci-fi
• Fantasy
• Suspense
• Western
• Christian
• And more
With all the options, I’m certain you can find a book that would entertain you and keep your interest.

Consider all the benefits of reading and then… go ahead. Pick up a book and get started.

*Pam Horton is an award winning author and speaker. You can see her books on Amazon.com. She has a YouTube Channel, Miss Pam Reads, where she reads children’s books for free.