I love looking at old family photos

I love looking at old family photos

Timing is everything.  As I was wondering what to blog about this week, I saw a FaceBook post from my brother, “I was such a cute baby…”  Seems random, right?  What nobody knows is that I recently came across some of his baby pictures and mailed them to him.  Obviously, he received them today.

Do you have old family photos?  Where do you have them?  Are they in albums or scrapbooks?  Maybe they’re in boxes or drawers?  When was the last time you looked through your photos?  Has it been a while?  It might be a good time to take a walk down memory lane.

If your photos are in albums or scrapbooks, good for you, pull them out and turn some pages – grin.  If your photos are in drawers or boxes (especially if they are in an attic or basement) you should get them out, not only to enjoy looking at them, but to check their condition.  Treasured photos need to be properly protected.  I would recommend archival boxes.  I get mine from Gaylord.  I have some very old photos and documents stored in sleeves and then in boxes.  If you want to protect it you have to take care of it.

As you’re going through your old family photos, you might discover you have some of a relative that they might like to have (like baby pictures of your brother).  It’s okay to part with them, especially if they are of someone else.  I’ll admit, I scanned them to my computer before I mailed them.  I know my brother got a kick out of seeing them and his family will enjoy them much more than my closet did.  My mother recently brought me an album with photos of ME from 1966 – fun!  Oh, wait – I wasn’t born then was I?  Teehee.

Go ahead, get out those old family pictures, and then share the love.




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