Hotel like?

Hotel like?

Living in a hotel atmosphere

Have any of you ever sold your house before?  I know “hate” is not a nice word to use, so let’s just say I “strongly dislike” living in a house that is “on the market”.  Our realtor put it in terms I had never heard before.  Once you are on the market your house belongs to the public.

{Oops, got a little sidetracked – internet chatted with my deployed soldier/son – HOOAH! Ok, back to it.}

Speaking of my son, he will be home for a month’s leave soon and I’ve already instructed him he has to keep his room and bathroom neat and tidy, because at a moment’s notice we could get a call that someone wants to see the house.

I have to tell you, living in one location for eight years can allow a person to get rather lackadaisical about their “stuff”.  Yes, even people who are organized can fall into this pit.  Our guest room walk-in closet has been the junk drawer of the closet world.  What a mess.  If we didn’t know where to store something, we put it in that closet, and after eight years, it was no longer a walk-in, if you get my drift – haha.

As our realtor walked through our house, he commented, “You have a lot of space here but you have a lot of stuff too, so it doesn’t look like you have a lot of space.”  Every room he went into, he just shook his head and said, “You have a lot of stuff.”  Mind you, it isn’t cluttered and messy, it’s just full.  So Jim & I began the tedious process of getting the house ready to put on the market.  This is where being an organizer comes in really handy – grin.

Clearing the counter and table tops meant cleaning out drawers and shelves to be able to put the things we are taking off the counter top into.  Jim got at it rather quickly, I am so proud of him.  He has a LOT of stuff!  Or should I say “had”? 

I have been telling my friends, “It’s good to know someone who is moving.”  We have given a lot of stuff away, and thrown some stuff out.  I am proud to report that the guest room walk-in closet can now be walked into again.  I just needed a little motivation – teehee.  It’s tough when you toss things somewhere you don’t see often, because you open the door, put something in, close the door and forget about it – until you go put something else in.  No more – we have gotten rid of our stuff!

Now we are living out of cupboards and drawers, because it’s easier to get something when we need it than to leave it all out on the counters and then have to put it all away when we have s showing.  That’s the un-fun part, having to keep the house continuously in a hotel like atmosphere.  BUT, we CAN do this and so we will.

Having said all that, the realtor is holding an open-house at our house this Sunday.  Any perspective buyers check it out!  Our MLS# is 775764.

Have a nice & tidy weekend – grin.

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