Hope for the future

Hope for the future

Last month Jim talked about the Coronavirus and taking #Fear2Faith.  It’s interesting, and even sad, that a month later, we are still in the thick of the 2020 pandemic.

The fact is, this too shall pass.  The question I’m hearing (other than when) is, “What will things look like when everything returns to normal?”  Another question might be, “Do we want things to go back to how they were?”

While people often talk about how terrible things are. I think there have been some good things to come out of this crisis, like…

  • People are talking more, maybe not in person, but over their various devices
  • Wives are not feeling left out, or alone, while their husbands attend sporting events, with the guys
  • Families are spending more time together
  • Parents are more involved with their children’s education
  • We’ve learned we can get by with less

I’m not saying it’s been a cake walk.  Many people have endured hardship during all this, but we’ve also come together, as a community, to help others.  We are enduring, as a nation, and it is making us stronger.

How do you envision the nation moving forward as we come out of this craziness? 

  • I heard it recommended that people never shake hands again! 
  • I’m pretty sure many churches will continue to offer online services.  So many more people are able, and willing, to attend an online church service.
  •  I’m very curious to see the direction public education will go from here.  Will they continue to offer many courses online and only require in person attendance part-time?

One thing I can say for sure… I’m not worried about it.  I know there are some things that are out of my control.  No sense getting myself all worked up about the fact that I cannot visit our grandchildren right now.  Unless they relax the dates, I won’t be able to see them until mid-June, as Virginia has a Stay at Home order until then. 

If you have something you are missing terribly during this time, try not to be mad, or sad.  Look forward, with hope, to the day when we can move about freely, with no concerns about contaminations. Keep busy, stay as active as you can, think positive, and find something, each day, that you can smile about.  We will get through this.  You are not alone.  We are all #InThisTogether.