Honesty in Crisis

Honesty in Crisis

My neighborhood recently experienced a damaging hail storm. Nothing like the devastation of Harvey (or possibly the effects of Irma), and thankfully no personal injuries; but almost every house had damage and many cars, if left outside, were also damaged. We definitely had things to be thankful for. However, the cost of repairs will be very expensive.

It surprised me how quickly roofing companies and contactors hit the neighborhood. Our neighborhood Facebook page has be very active with discussions about various insurance companies, how quickly they responded (or didn’t) when adjusters would be out, and the approach the various contractors have been using. To many of us, this whole process is overwhelming.

Thankfully, no one has come knocking on our door. Neighbors are sharing about contractors who insist on being present when the claims agent is on site, supposedly to make sure the agent gives the homeowner all that’s due them. Other neighbors are saying that’s a way that the contractor knows how much you will be getting and will charge you exactly that amount. Others have said contractors have told them they’ll do it for whatever the insurance pays. People are being warned by local officials to be wary of scams. It’s just crazy.

Personally, we called the insurance and, being a weekend AND a holiday, we didn’t hear back until 4 days after the storm. Thankfully, we had our cars in the garage and none of the damage put an actual hole in anything. So, no rain is coming in as the weather continues to be stormy. The claims adjuster walked the house, told me what he saw (even saw some damage we hadn’t seen), and asked me if I was aware of anything he hadn’t mentioned. I was, we looked at it, and he added it to his report. Now we wait to hear from the insurance company the amount they will provide us for all the repairs he reported. Then we will speak to a friend of ours, who happens to be a builder, and get his recommendations for roofing, window, and siding replacements. I don’ think I would use some stranger that walked up to the door and said, “Hey, let me fix your (fill in the blank).”

Of course, there are always extreme circumstances, like the neighbors who had a hole in their roof, or the ones with many holes in many windows. Still though, I would advise caution and do as much research as you can. Sometimes, though… ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

It’s a shame that people prey on others during times of crisis. As it does in many things… it boils down to money. I love it when I find great, honest, customer service. I’m even willing to pay more to honor their integrity. Shady characters? I’ll pass.

Remember, if you can be patient, let the sharks swim by and wait for the person who has honesty in crisis. If you have to rush, do your research and be wise.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*

Pam Horton