Does height really matter?

Does height really matter?

It goes without saying that most people are not happy with what they have, right?
People with straight hair want curly hair and vice versa, heavy set people want to be thin and vice versa, short people want to be tall and vice versa. You get the idea.


I posted this picture on facebook which prompted the following question from my (younger) brother…
Bill: Are you shrinking..?
Pam: Oh goodness… I hope not… better go check! Grin
Pam: Checked and… it appears I’ve grown a 1/2 an inch. I’ve told people for years I’m 5’2″and a1/4.
Jim measured me at 5’2’and a1/2! Whoo-hoo!

Realistically, unless it’s a health issue, does it really matter how tall I am? Why am I excited that I’m not shrinking?
Yes, it’s irritating to have to approach random tall strangers, in Walmart, to ask them to reach things on the top shelf for me. On the other hand, its great fun being so close (in height) to my grandchildren. The six year old will be catching up to me before long. Another positive is that I don’t see the dust on the things over my head. If I can’t see it then it doesn’t exist, haha. And – believe it or not… short(ish) people occasionally challenge each other to see who is shorter. In this case the shorter person “wins.” But – some short people don’t like to be called “short” so be careful. I once referred to someone as short, and she said, “I’m not short, don’t call me short.” She was shorter than I was… I think that’s short, but OKAY.

To be fair, tall(ish) people have their own issues…
• They bump their heads on ceiling fans, hanging plants, and door jams
• They have to have bigger vehicles
• Small children are sometimes afraid of someone so much taller than they are
Although, it’s much easier for them to reach things, and to see over a crowd, and if they have any kind of jump shot everyone wants them on their basketball team – grin.

I suppose no matter our height, as long as we are healthy we should learn to embrace the positives and forget about the negatives. We are all unique! I have learned to embrace my height and be comfortable with who I am, have you?

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach in the Raleigh/Durham area.*


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