Have a Great Day!

Have a Great Day!

I happened to be sitting in a local waiting room when two other people started discussing parting phrases.

Imagine my surprise when they both stated they couldn’t stand it when people said, “Have a Great Day!” That’s one of the things I say to people. I would never imagine that people would find it offensive.

One person was talking about cash register people, I think because she said, “Can’t they just say ‘Thank you’ and leave it at that?” The other person agreed and then added, “Yeah, I just want to reply with, ‘Have an adequate day.’” REALLY?
Interestingly enough, they both agreed that the phrase, “Have a blessed day” was nice.

Don’t you find it funny that people who don’t want you to wish them a great day, or only want you to have an adequate day appreciate people saying “Have a blessed day” to them?

I must admit, when it was time for me to check out, with the “adequate day” person still present, I did not say “Have a Great Day!” to the person who processed me out, when I left. Of course, Hindsight is 20/20. If I really wanted to be an instigator, I would have said “Have a Great Day!” to the person who didn’t like that phrase. But, I didn’t. I quietly left, not wanting to offend anyone.

Upon further thought, I wondered why I changed my remarks to please someone else. As stated, I didn’t want to offend, but is the term “Have a Great Day!” truly offensive? I can think of many more obnoxious things to say that would most definitely be offensive. I then determined not to let two people change what I say when departing from some folks.

Have you ever considered what you say to people, or how they respond to you? Perhaps it is something worth thinking about. I believe, if at all possible, we should leave people on a positive note, with a smile on our face, possibly bringing a smile to theirs. What do you think?

In closing, let me just say… Have a Great Day!

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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