Has Covid changed your habits?

Has Covid changed your habits?

Someone asked this question the other day, and my answer was a resounding YES.

Aside from the apparent mask-wearing, staying six feet apart, not having large gatherings… You know, the things that have been mandated, I have become a hoarder.  Well, maybe not quite that bad. We’ll say stockpiler.

I’m sure you recall the toilet paper shortage.  Last year, whenever I saw my brand, I would buy a package. Even after it started appearing regularly, if they had it, I bought it. It was the same with the peanut butter we like.  At one point, when we had more toilet paper and peanut butter than we needed to a few months, I said to Jim, “Covid has changed my shopping habits.”  I quit buying, and we still have plenty.  I often stockpile some for other items. Not to the extreme that I pick it up every time I see it, but if we’ve opened the next to last one and I see some on the shelf, I buy it.

What about you? Have you noticed some changes in your life that may not be for the best? I mean, having 4 multi-packs of toilet paper in your closet is a bit extreme (at least for us). Is there a change that you made, because of Covid, that is sticking around? Is it a change that is for the better, or one that you may not need to hold on to, now that things are returning to “normal” in many areas?

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve thought about it? Hmmm. Is there something you should let go of at this point?  Are you surprised to realize that you may be holding on to an unnecessary habit? The first way to change something is to first recognize it. You’re welcome. 

Now that you have become aware of the habit you formed during Covid, you can take steps to return to how things were pre-Covid. Unless, of course, you like the ways things are going now and choose to keep the habit.  That decision is up to you. Whether you hang on to it or let it go, at least you are now aware of it and can make a wise decision.