Hard to get up in the dark

Hard to get up in the dark

Have you noticed it’s dark when you get up these days? I typically get up at 6AM. It’s dark now.

During the summer it was easy. The bright sun shining through the curtains seemed to say, “Good Morning, Pam! It’s a wonderful new day! Let’s get this party started!”

Last week, as I rolled over and later woke up at 7, I realized it was dark at 6AM. No wonder I fell back asleep. Thankfully, I didn’t have anywhere I had to be that day – or the next, as I repeated the process.

I actually said to Jim, “It’s so hard to get up when it’s dark.” He Mm-hmm’d me and went out for his morning run. Maybe dark mornings aren’t a struggle for everyone, but they are for many.

How can you overcome those dark morning blahs?
• Set a loud alarm
• Have your light on a timer
• Ask a friend or family member to check on you

~ ~ ~
I’m going to put a new twist to the title and talk a little about moods. The same statement applies, doesn’t it? It’s hard to get up in the dark.

When your mood is low or dark, you know it. You recognize it. You feel it.
Sometimes, you are in a funk and you don’t even know why.

Sometimes you know why. You may even want to hang out in your darkness to embrace it for a bit before climbing up above the darkness. It can be part of the healing process, but you don’t want to be in the darkness for long. It isn’t healthy.

How can you get out of a dark mood?
• Talk to a trusted friend, family member, pastor, or health professional
• Write out your thoughts
• Consider sitting with a “happy lamp”
• Listen to positive, uplifting, encouraging, happy music (I suggest Contemporary Christian music)

Whether you are trying to get out of bed in the morning or lift your mood it’s hard to get up in the dark, but there are strategies to help. You can do it!

*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management Coach.