Thinking back over the year, for scrapbooking purposes, I asked Jim what we did this year.  As we thought back, and then I went to retrieve the pictures, I discovered we had both forgotten a major event we attended in April.  How could we have forgotten that?  Both us of!  We do have a lot going on at the moment that is occupying our thoughts, but still, this was a big deal, and fun, we should have remembered it.

Have you taken the time to go back and review what you did in 2012? 

This is the time of year that most people do that.  We tend to take an assessment of “how we did” this year.  Think about it.  Maybe review your journal, if you keep one.  Review your photos.  Have you remembered everything?  You certainly don’t want to forget something that made you happy!

Remembering the things that made you happy is important.  People certainly have plenty of things that can bring them down, and it seems easy to remember them.  Let’s not forget the good things that happened in 2012.  Maybe they even outweigh the unpleasant things?  How cool would that be?

I have just finished reading “Choose Joy” by Kay Warren.  At the end of each chapter she makes some “action” points.  I consider a couple of them to be rather sound advice…

  • ·         “Think of people you know who see the funny side of life.  Make plans to be with them this week.” (Pg. 210)
  • ·         “Consider beginning a gratitude journal and writing down one blessing every day for thirty days.  It can be as simple as a word or a phrase.” (Pg. 249) 

I really like that “gratitude journal” idea.  I may have to do that for 2013. 

What steps can you take to easily remember the things that will happen in 2013, and find the good in every situation?

ü  FYI: Having a “plan” is a good place to start… just sayin’.  Grin.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   (Be safe!)


*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management Coach, in the Raleigh/Durham area, working with Emerging Adults (ages 16-29), Women, and Military Families.*


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