Goodness, I’m exhausted!

Goodness, I’m exhausted!

So this week’s blog goes out to all those moms of more than one child who are close in age…

My daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren (age 4 and almost 3) were in a car accident Memorial Day weekend.  The kids seem fine, but her back is pretty messed up and she’s on some major drugs for a few days.  So, my son asked if I would come up and lend a hand for a couple days.  Little did I realize what I was getting into.

My kids were six years apart, so the older one was pretty self-sufficient by the time the younger one came along.  Of course, I was much younger then, too.  But I had no idea how difficult it is to keep up with cleaning, meals, and entertaining two young children (and if mom works out of the home or goes to school, throwing that in on top of the mix – yikes).

Wow, from the moment I arrived (mid afternoon) until the minute I left (mid afternoon, two days later) it was go,go,go.  Neither one of them are consistently taking naps these days.  My grandson slept about one hour each day.   My granddaughter is very active, did not nap, and always wants to play.  My grandson is autistic and has to be watched closely.  He doesn’t talk and doesn’t always respond when spoken to, so ya gotta watch him – and man is he quick.  It wasn’t easy chasing him and playing with her at the same time.  I imagine their parents have some sort of routine figured out that works well, and if I were around long enough I would be able to figure it out, but for a short visit – whew.  I fell into bed each night and went right to sleep, not even reading for a bit, just ZZZZ.

I have this to say to all those moms of more than one child who are close in age…  You Go Girl!  God Bless You!

I’m going to vegetate in front of the boob-tube (TV) for the evening . Grin.


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