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Getting into a routine

I need my routine!
How many of you get out of sync when your routine is interrupted?

The snow storm this week has allowed me to completely lose track of what day it is!

My husband has been home from work a lot this week, which is highly unusual – due to hazardous road conditions. The same type of schedule has been in effect for the school system, so families have had their week all out of whack.

This can happen when you are on vacation, too. Our routines get thrown for a loop. Of course, often we are busy having fun, but the following week can be a little confusing, because the week before was out of our normal routine.

A family emergency can do the same thing. When we have to deal with the immediate emergency, some things get forgotten about. Sometimes, a family emergency can even cause us to create a new routine, a new “normal.”

How do you get back into your routine, or create a new one?

Each of us is different, so what works for one may not work for another, but here are some ideas…
• Have a task list where you can see it
• Keep a desk calendar
• Set alarms on your watch or calendar
• Utilize the calendar function on your phone
• Put up “Post-its” around the house
• Tie a string around your finger – grin

I am a visual person, so for me… it’s a to-do-list on the counter.
I used to do this on a small pocket calendar. You could also use a daily planner or one of those little ringed one day calendars. I found I didn’t use it much, as I was mostly using my phone. However, I have completely lost track of the day of the week TWICE this month. Guess, I better get me a pocket calendar to leave out on the counter!

Whatever your personality, most of us do better when we follow a routine. If you are out of sync, find a way to get it back and calmly carry on.

*Pam Horton is a Certified Stress Management Coach.*

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