Get it out of your head!

Get it out of your head!

As I was considering what to Blog about this week, I decided to look back through some ideas that I started but never posted. This one was written last September. With the recent, surprisingly unexpected, death of Robin Williams and the publicity is has brought to people who suffer from depression, it seemed this might be a good time to put this blog out.

Get it out of your head!
I had an interesting conversation with someone who understands trauma related issues. We got to talking about the importance of talking or writing about it. Many studies have shown that writing about it, can bring great healing.

You see, when you have a traumatic event (an event outside normal human experiences) the chemistry in your brain can actually change. It’s rather interesting how it all works with brain chemicals increasing and decreasing and shifting around. Long story short, a traumatic event can get “stuck” in your memory. Once you start talking about it, or writing about it, that can allow the memory to come more to the front of the mind and be dealt with. Once you recognize it and are able to deal with it, healing can occur.

This is a simplified explanation, but it has been proven that getting it out of your head helps.
Check out some of these articles to see what others are saying about the benefits of writing and/or talking about your experiences.

*Please note –This suggestion does not take the place of speaking to a professional. Trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other “invisible” illness should not go untreated. I would suggest you have someone around when you are rehashing these memories as you may be surprised at how emotional you may become.*

Remember it is not a weakness to ask for help!
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Veterans, it’s the same number but you hit extension 1.

*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh area.*

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