Flying with our soldier

Flying with our soldier

On an airplane with our soldier

Ah, this is so nice. I’m on a trip to Florida with my youngest son. (11/7/11) The hubs will have some get-a-way time with him later in the month. We’ve had a nice chat and now we are in the air. The plane is so loud it is now difficult to carry on a conversation. So, I am BLOGGING and he is on his phone using different apps at the same time he is listening to music videos. I am actually thankful for the noise of the plane, sort of a dull droning sound. It drowns out the sound of his electronic devices, as well as other peoples. Oh, he just showed me pictures of some vehicles he & Jim looked at yesterday. Isn’t technology amazing?

You know, we (meaning my generation) never had cell phones. Now, I don’t leave home without it. Okay, I don’t often leave a room without it. I no longer purchase clothes that don’t have a pocket that I can carry my phone in. All my skirts & dresses must have a pocket or I won’t buy it (not that I buy many new clothes anyway – the old ones still work – grin). Of course, with our son in the Army and having been deployed until just last week, we never turned our phones off. Now that he is stateside, I turn my phone off at bedtime and sleep a little easier at night. What did we do before cellphones? I think I probably would have not gotten in as much trouble as I did if my parents could have called me at a moment’s notice – teehee.

How about computers? When I was young, computers took up an entire wall they were so big. No one had a “personal computer.” As an adult, desktop computers came into our home. A few years later, laptops arrived – that is what I am using now. And these days it’s ipads and smartphones, neither of which I own. They do amazing things, but I don’t like the “touchpad” part of hem. I guess I don’t have that magic touch. When I slide my finger across the device, pages go flying by – chuckle. I do know that when that coffee table that interacts with the internet comes out… I want it. I’ve told Jim to start saving for it now – grin.

So, I just went ten rows back to the miniscule toilet and made note of what passengers were doing. A few were reading, but more were on some type of electronic device. Some people were chatting, adding to the overall noise of the trip, while a few were asleep.

Upon return to my seat, I have discovered that my son has changed from two electronic devices to one, his laptop – watching a movie with head phones. Ya know what though? Even though we are not currently engaged in conversation, I’m quite content and happy to just have him sitting beside me. I have missed him these last ten months. Yes, he was home for two weeks of R&R in August, but we didn’t have much time with him as he was seeing friends and other relatives. This time, he’s all mine – at least till we land and my parents pick us up. I’m willing to share him, as lots of people want to see him, but this time, sitting next to him, just being able to chit chat and LOOK at him, is all mine. Grin.

Okay, I better sign off. We’re experiencing a little turbulence. Oh, boy!

We continue to pray for our service members, their families, and our country’s veterans. Thank you all for your service to our country. (Thanks, Dad. Army Strong – HOOAH!)

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