Find your one thing

Find your one thing

I was discussing with my father last week that I know a number of people who seem to be up and down, emotionally, throughout the course of a single day – and in any given week, they run the full gamut of emotions and are just all over the board.  We concluded that these folks are responding to every situation in their lives.  The way they feel is based on what is happening to them at any given moment.  They may be elated at having received their tax refund.  They go out shopping and come home to find the dog chewed their favorite pair of shoes to shreds and now their day is ruined.  Maybe, if they are lucky, something will happen to them that will make them happy again, so they can end the day on a good note.  These folks are allowing their lives to be dictated by external factors, constantly riding the hills and valleys that life throws at them.

So, how does one learn to have an even keel, to take life’s ups and downs in stride and keep going?  It is my personal opinion (every time I say that I think of a friend who I’ve heard say “in my correct opinion” haha – sorry it just makes me laugh) … back on track… I think that the key to not riding an emotional rollercoaster is to find your joy within yourself.  In my book, The Decision to CHANGE, there is one chapter titled “Eternity”, which tells how I came to have a personal relationship with God.  Ok, don’t click the close button here.  I know not all of my readers believe in that relationship.  I’m just saying that for ME, (and I know it’s not about ME) it is my relationship with God that brings joy and peace to my life. For others, you may find your joy and peace in other ways (meditation, running, etc.).  Does anyone remember the movie City Slickers?  Remember the old cowboy telling Billy Crystal to find the “one thing” that made him happy?  My one thing and your one thing don’t have to be the same thing.  However, I agree with the cowboy.  Everyone should find the one thing that gives them the confidence to like who they are, and brings joy and peace to their life.  Once you are “grounded”, “centered”, whatever you want to call it – then you won’t be blown about by every little thing life throws your way.  Sure you’ll be excited as well as sad at times, but it will be by the things that truly matter.

Think, think, think (can’t you just picture Winnie-the-Pooh right now – grin).  Find your joy within yourself and let your joy fill your life so the adventures of the day won’t send you on that emotional rollercoaster.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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