Finding the good in losing everything.

Finding the good in losing everything.

Two houses in three months.

Fire has claimed the entire homes of two people I know, in the last three months.  Maybe you know someone who has lost everything, due to a fire.  Thankfully, in both of these situations, the family was all okay.

I got to thinking about this yesterday and remembered the FaceBook note by the owner of the first house to go.  I am including it below.  It makes for a long BLOG this week, but its well worth the read. 

You see, stuff happens.  Good stuff, bad stuff, and just stuff – but stuff happens to all of us at some point in our lives.  The question is… how are you going to react to the stuff that happens in your life?  You can choose to wallow in the “woe is me” pit, OR you can choose to move forward with life and make the best of any situation.  I could quote lots of clichés here, but I won’t – you already have them running through your mind. 

If you lost all of your possessions (family members are safe) how would you react?   I hope you could be like my friend, Dawn, and find the good in it.

Before I close out, let me post a couple of links about fire safety. 

I’m pretty sure the first fire was started in the dryer vent. (I must say, we go to bed while the dryer is running, maybe we better stop that!) The second fire is so new, the home owner hasn’t said much.  She’s probably still in shock.  Give these a glance, and then read Dawn’s note – it shows amazing insight!


It was just a house…

by Dawn Smith on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 1:33am ·

I know everyone is already sick of hearing about it. “Blah blah blah house fire blah.” But for those of you still reading, I would like to share what is on my heart right now. I’m somewhat fearful of the judgment of others that will come after sharing it, but here goes nothin’! Also, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this haha.

For quite some time (years actually), I have been struggling with why things happen and why God “lets” things happen. 4 years and 2 months ago, I became very, very sick after finding out I was pregnant with Charlie. Ever since then, it has felt like my life has been in a downward spiral with one bad thing happening after another. I could make a really long list, but that’s a little too much to share on Facebook 🙂

Over the years, I have come up with hundreds of reasons why those things were happening and hundreds of reasons why they shouldn’t be happening to me. God is punishing me for past sins. I’m reaping from the sins of my family before me. God is trying to teach me a lesson. God has given up on me. I must not be talking to God the right way because I don’t think he is hearing me. Why is God punishing me when I didn’t do anything wrong? Why in the world would some supreme being create people just to praise himself? Isn’t that a little selfish of him? And when something bad happens and someone says “Everything happens for a reason, maybe God let this happen to you so that you can help someone else with the same situation one day.” I think “Well if he can control everything, why wouldn’t he just stop that bad thing from happening to ANYONE?”

I can tell you right now that I still don’t have the answers to all of those questions, but what I do have is an open heart. I can say without a single doubt that I KNOW God is real. You can call it coincidence, chance, whatever you want, but there are things that have happened in the week since our house caught fire that cannot be explained by chance. At least not to me.

I also know that when bad things happen, we search for answers. We NEED something to hold onto and believe in. But before I even started looking for answers, God set them right in front of my face. Our house catching on fire was a terrible thing, but we are alive and perfectly fine. Happier than before the fire (my husband might not agree on that one lol). Our insurance being canceled 5 ½ hours before the fire started was a horrible thing, but we have learned from it. I don’t have a house and the only furniture I own is a crib, a piano and little coffee table. But I cannot explain to you how much that doesn’t matter to me anymore. Of course I want a ginormous house and ridiculously beautiful things. And that is EXACTLY what I had my sights set on before the fire. I wanted it SO badly that it was making me a miserable and bitter person. So much so that I needed a wake-up call, and that’s exactly what I got. And then God started blessing me and opening my eyes.

I really don’t feel like this will make much sense to anyone else…

I’m not the model Christian, so to speak. I do know, though, that going to church doesn’t make you a good Christian. Dressing like everyone else to fit in doesn’t make you a good Christian. Trying to live up to the standards that people create from twisting the words of the Bible doesn’t make you a good Christian.

All you need is an open heart and a quiet spirit to listen, and God will speak louder than you ever dreamed he could. And he will show you that he is real.


*Blog written by Pam Horton, Life Coach in the Raleigh/Durham area.*


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