Finding Relaxation

Finding Relaxation

Everyone needs some time to decompress. Life is full of things that put pressure on us. Yes, often times we allow that pressure to be on us, but that’s a whole different blog (

Although some people allow themselves to explode into a tirade in public, most people stifle it. The more we stifle and push those pressures down inside ourselves, the more the pressure builds. If we don’t allow ourselves to take time to decompress, you have an explosive tirade that can harm those you never intended to, because – let’s face it… many times, when we explode it’s not around the person we are actually upset with, but at someone we are more comfortable with, who will understand and forgive us.

To avoid those pressure explosions, we must find the time and place for relaxation. It is essential to peace of mind, and the wellness of our bodies.

Some of us will have a place that helps us relax, others will have a thing, and still others would prefer to do a thing in a place. Each person is different, so our relaxation methods will vary greatly.

For me… given the best possible scenario… it’s a long walk on a white sandy beach, with the sun shining in a bright blue sky, with a gentle breeze and waves that gently break on the shore. Ah, heavenly. I know others who would prefer to hike to a cabin in the mountains.

Of course, I can’t always get away to the beach, although I try get there once a year. Sometimes we need to find a quick way to relax and relieve some of our built up pressure. There are many ways to do this.
How about…
• Going for a run
• Yoga
• Meditation
• A nice warm bath
• Reading a book
• Swinging on a porch swing
• Napping in a hammock
• A pleasant chat with a friend
• Journaling
• Reclining and listening to calming music

As you can see, the ways to enjoy relaxation are… whatever works for you. BUT… find something that works for you. Seriously, no one can keep holding in tension and pressure… you will pop at some point.

The weekend is coming. How will you find relaxation? Enjoy!

*Pam Horton is a Certified Stress Management Coach.*


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