Find your happy place

Find your happy place

As I sit down to write this week’s blog, so much has happened recently, that my head is full of options.  Personally, Jim and I are doing great, just keeping very busy.  It’s those around us, friends, family, and neighbors who are having struggles.  In the past six weeks, people we care about are dealing with the pain of their loved ones having accidentally overdosed and died, a terrible relationship break up, a suicide, painful injuries, keeping tabs on a vacant home, and possibly fatal illness.  While these things are not actually happening to us, they affect our emotional state, as we hear the people, we care about tell us their stories.

I told Jim the other night that the best thing we’ve done in a while was a quick trip to the beach, two nights, to unplug, chill, enjoy peace and quiet, reconnect with nature, God, and each other.  Let me tell you, when I say “to the beach” I mean right there on the beach.  It was marvelous. Our balcony touched the sandbags piled up to stop erosion and keep flood waters out. We had a corner unit, so we watched the sunrise each morning and didn’t touch a computer until after sunset.  It was so relaxing and peaceful.

As I notice us getting overly busy, I feel the call of the beach.  I long for that quiet, rest, reflection, relaxation time.  I think we’re going to make it happen.  Sometimes you just must unplug and getting out into the beauty of nature is a great way to do it.

My happy place is an ocean beach, yours may be somewhere else.  I know plenty of people that love

  • the mountains
  • a lake
  • a river
  • a forest hiking trail 
  • a picnic on a rolling meadow
  • a game of golf
  • a long drive on a scenic road
  • gardening
  • visiting parks, or sites that you can walk around and look at things

It doesn’t matter where you go, you could sit on a front porch swing, if that is your happy place. The important thing is that you recognize the need to take a break from a sometimes-stressful routine, or event. After you recognize it, you can plan to take a break.  Just a day can do wonders for your state of mind.