Everybody’s Busy

Everybody’s Busy

Oh, my goodness! It’s after noon on Friday and I haven’t posted my weekly blog yet! To be honest, I haven’t even written it yet. My week has been straight out busy and it slipped my mind. Can you imagine? Of course you can, everybody can relate to being busy.

Am I in a panic? No, not really. Did I consider skipping this week’s blog all together? For a minute. Then I thought, well that’s not very respectable for those of you who were expecting to see a blog at 7:55AM this morning.

What do you do if you’ve made a mistake or forgotten something? Many folks might…
• Becoming overwhelmed and stressed out
• Get embarrassed
• Try to place blame elsewhere
• Ignore the error
• Apologize
• Correct the error
• Among other things

Most of the above reactions don’t show people in a positive responsible light. In my personal opinion, the correct way to handle a mistake of forgetfulness is to address it, apologize, and correct the error. Hence, the posting of this blog. Grin.

You don’t want to become a habitual offender of forgetfulness, but… nobody’s perfect. Of course, if your forgetfulness has caused a major emergency some more drastic steps may be necessary, but the basics remain the same.

Lesson learned here? Man (or woman) up and move forward in a positive manner. You can do it!


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