Emotion begets Emotion

Emotion begets Emotion

I was wondering why some people laugh when others laugh, or cry when others cry.  I actually did a quick internet search and the topic wasn’t on the first page (or the 2nd page) of returned suggestion.  Interesting.

So, last night we were watching Survivor, my husband likes it and I get drawn in, grin.  It was family visit night and the remaining contestants were all boo-hoo-ing.   I found myself about to join in, and promptly left the room to do something else.  {Yes, I admit, I don’t like to cry and avoid it when I can}.  Pick this video up at 9:30 and see if you can make it through the family hugs without tearing up.

On the opposite spectrum, when we see/hear joyous laughter, we tend to laugh.  There were many baby laughing videos to choose from, but this one got me chuckling.  Watch and see if you can get through it without laughing!

While it is true that both crying and laughing are forms of stress release, I much prefer to laugh, and make others laugh.  Stress release is good for you.  We’ve talked about that before – grin.   Oh, looks like it’s been a while (two years) since I’ve actually address good stress management tips – maybe it’s time to blog about that again.

OK – Even up to the 5th page in my Google search, I still don’t see an answer to, “Why do some people laugh when others laugh, or cry when others cry?”  Perhaps one of our readers knows, or can do a better search on the topic than I did.  If so, please comment and share!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with joyous laughter!


*Pam Horton is a Certified Stress Management Coach.*

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