Easily Offended

Easily Offended

Why is it that it seems people are more easily offended than they used to be?

Could it be that social media has allowed people to express themselves more than necessary? It used to be if you wanted to recognize a special day, you sent someone a card. Now we take the easy way out and make a general “post” to the world. That certainly reaches more people, but it also leaves the door open to others expressing their opinion about your opinion.

For example:
A couple years ago I posted to my social media pages “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I received many nasty comments about how insensitive I was being to those who had recently broken up with their significant other, or who were single but searching.
Similar situations have occurred when I posted “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Father’s Day.”

I agree that those special days may not be filled with happy thoughts for some people, and they are allowed to feel however they choose about it. I admit, though, that the negative comments have caused me to stop posting general special occasion posts (with the exception of Merry Christmas). Yes, that is a choice I made, but why did I even have to make a choice?

You know, it’s possible to see something on social media that you don’t agree with and keep scanning. You do not have to comment on everything you see! There is certainly no need to berate someone because they have a different opinion than yours. Sure, Like, Love, Laugh, Sad, and Angry tabs are all right there for you to push on, but to take someone to task for wishing the community a “Happy Valentine’s Day” is really just trying to push your opinion on others. Post your opinion on your page, and let others post their opinion on their page. It really is that simple.

If you want to use social media, post your sentiments directly to a person’s page, like you would for their birthday. Or, go back to the old fashioned way and help out the US Post Office. Send your Valentine, Mother, Father, whoever a card, or give them a call, or both. Everyone likes a card or a phone call, it’s more personal.

You can continue to post general public well wishes for special occasion days, (perhaps you’re more brave than I am), but be prepared for those who are easily offended to point out why what you posted was insensitive to them and others. Me? I’ll send cards.