Don’t Bend Over

Don’t Bend Over

I recently had some skin cancer removed from my forehead. It was small on the surface and I am fine, but it left a pretty big hole. They stitched it up and told me, “Don’t bend over, exercise, or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, for a week.” WHAT?

Have you ever realized how many times you bend over during the course of a day?

I happen to bend over a lot. I noticed I bend over when I
• Pick up something I’ve dropped
• Need to get something out of a low drawer
• Need to get something out of a low cabinet
• Am cleaning
• Pray

It’s been interesting to do most of these things while stooping/squatting. I usually do this after I have bent over and realized I am bending over. Then I readjust to follow doctor’s orders.

As I often do, I got to thinking about how this situation relates to life in general.

How often do you do things without even thinking about it? Have you stopped to consider that some of those things may not be in your best interest?
Some of the things you might be doing out of habit, without really realizing it, could be:
• Using foul language
• Making inappropriate gestures
• Making poor food choices
• Binge watching TV
• Getting stuck on social media
• Riding someone’s bumper
• Criticizing people for things you do yourself
• Biting your nails

Think about it. Are you doing one of these things? Perhaps you have something else that you could add to the list.

My point is, we all, probably, do things that aren’t good for us to be doing without really realizing we are doing it. Here is your wake-up call. Now that you have been made aware, you can “readjust” and work on changing things, for the better. Just sayin’.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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