Customer Service

Customer Service

I’m pretty sure I have written about this before, but I have had a fresh reminder this month.

We are looking to get some work done on our house.  We started getting estimates back in August.  One guy came out, almost immediately, the others also came out pretty quickly after contacting them.  However, (of course, I have no idea how long an estimate is supposed to take) two of them took an entire month to get back to us with the estimate.  The other two got back after two weeks.  One of those companies has been in contact with me once a week to see if we have made a decision yet.  I told Jim, “They may be the ones, simply because they were timely and are staying in touch.  They are showing they care about our business.” 

Do the other companies have so much business that they can’t keep up with new requests?  If so, I guess they don’t need my business.  Is it that the employees just don’t care about their jobs?  Are jobs so plentiful that if they lose a job they can easily find another?  Maybe the current workforce just never learned customer service like we did, “back in the day.”

When I was a waitress, I gave impeccable service, because waitstaff pay is dirt, you have to have good tips to make ends meet.  My tip was based on my level of service.  Now, many companies add the tip right onto the check.  That sure doesn’t lend itself to great service.  Wouldn’t you rather give your business (or your tip) to someone who has given you good service?

What about repeat business?  You build customer loyalty with great customer service.  What business wouldn’t love that free word of mouth recommendation?  (I know we would – grin). 

Having worked so many years in the customer service industry, I am tough to please, because I tend to notice how things should be, but aren’t.  I am also quick to praise.  If you have done a good job for me, you can bet I will tell other people about you.  That’s how it works.  While I’m talking about people I would recommend, let me tell you that

  • ·         Our website was revamped by PCKnowledge – Phil did a great job.
  • ·         Our home in VA was sold by MKB Realtors – Greg went way above & beyond to get our house sold.
  • ·         Kim, at the Greater Raleigh Chamber, is my go to person for anything Chamber related.
  • ·         Kelli, with Bank Of America, is my everything banker.

Maybe by the end of the year I’ll have a company who works on houses that I can recommend, at least I hope so.

 We, as consumers, have the power to make or break a business.  Has someone done a great job for you?  Spread the love, tell others about them!



*This blog written by Pam Horton, a life coach in the Greater Raleigh Area*


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