Close Calls

Close Calls

 Close calls

Ok, this was not a life or death close call but …

I was at my older son’s house, with parking on the street.  I happened to walk by the front door and glance out the window.  To my surprise there were four cars, a school bus and a policeman all next to my car with about eight people standing around it.  Well, I did what anyone would do and ran out of the house screaming like a banshee “What happened to my car?!”  Haha – No, I’m kidding, but I did go out and meander around to the side that they were all standing by and look at my car, which was fine (whew).  I quickly took in the situation.  Two cars had collided on the middle of the street with about a foot between one of the cars and mine.  My car was untouched – that is my close call story.  Grin

Now, many of you have had close calls of other kinds.  Accidents you were in that could have been worse, accidents you just barely weren’t in, health scares, children being wreckless and yet unharmed, natural disasters, fires, there are all sorts of close call stories, I know mine is pretty lame compared to those that I’ve mentioned above.

I’ll tell you a close call story that is about my father-in-law, it gives me goosebumps every time I tell it…

Back when Jim Sr. was a district manager for A&P, he was on the road a lot.  This one particular evening, on his way home, in the winter, in Vermont – he was crossing a bridge (so there is nowhere to turn off) and an 18wheeler is also crossing the bridge.  The truck hit a patch of ice and lost control.  The truck was coming right towards Jim Sr.  There was nothing he could do, he was going to be hit by a truck.  Then, he says, the truck driver looked him in the eye and turned the wheel hard, plunging the truck off the bridge.  My father-in-law was safe, the truck driver died.  Jim Sr. swears the truck driver made a conscious decision to drive off the bridge and spare his life.  Chances are with a crash like that the car driver would die, the truck driver, maybe/maybe not – they do have a bigger vehicle.  That was a close call for Jim Sr.    That truck driver gave his life to save my father-in-law’s.  Wow. 

What makes a person sacrifice themselves for another?  Thankfully, I have not been in that situation, so I really don’t have an answer.  What about the soldier who throws himself on a bomb to save his buddies?  The firefighter who runs into a burning home to save a child?  The parent who shields their child from falling debris in natural disaster?  Amazing feats of heroism abound.  I can only guess that, some people are secure enough in their afterlife that they willing give their life to save another.  I can only hope that if the situation were to arise, I would act as selflessly as that truck driver did.  How about you?  What would you do?

Just something to think about.

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