Choosing Fear

Choosing Fear

This week we have had our two granddaughters visiting. One is ten and the other is eight.

While they enjoy spending time together, they have very different interests. One wants to do something while the other does not. This has been leading to many opportunities for taking turns with decision making. Of course, this usually leaves one girl happy and the other barely tolerant. Then they switch roles, so they each get a turn at being unhappy with the other one’s decision. Yes, it has been a challenge.

One thing they absolutely loved was taking turns asking “Alexa” to play various songs. Not my favorite music but, the girls were having a great time.

At night we put a movie on and the girls drift off to sleep. This was a major point of contention as the younger one was afraid of most of the movies the older one wanted to watch. A couple of these were totally ridiculous movies to be afraid of (Mary Poppins and Enchanted).

The older one wanted to watch Enchanted, but the younger one was afraid of the “scary lady” she saw on the DVD cover. If you’ve ever seen Enchanted you know it’s more funny than scary. The only scary part could be at the end when the evil queen turns into a (not so scary) dragon.

I do need to say that the younger one has seen, and loves, Maleficent. Now THAT could be scary. So, we knew that Enchanted would not scare her, and yet… she refused to watch it because she thought it would be scary from looking at the cover.

You know the old cliché “Don’t judge a book (or movie) by its cover.” Classic case here. Last night we told the younger girl that we were going to put on Enchanted. She could choose to watch it or not. She watched it. And LOVED it! This morning she even asked to watch it again.

How many times do we choose not to do something because we are afraid? It’s something we’ve never experienced before but we think it will be scary, so we avoid it. How many opportunities have been missed because we’re choosing fear?

It’s possible, and this story is the evidence, that something we think will be scary is actually fun. However, we will only experience the fun if we actually try it. If you get part way through something and don’t like it – stop.

Okay, you can’t stop a thrill ride in the middle. That one you’ll have to complete, then you can say, “Yeah, I didn’t like that, it was scary” and never do it again. At least you know for sure and you aren’t choosing fear because you think it will be scary.

Be like the old Life cereal commercial, “Try it. You’ll like it.” You just might.

*Side note – I’m not advocating you try anything illegal, immoral or unethical.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*