Cha-cha-cha- changes…

Cha-cha-cha- changes…

A Chance For New Opportunities

Today is the day – my husband’s last day at his current job.  Due to changes within the company, his job has been eliminated.  They were nice enough to give him a 30 day notice, so today is not a surprise.  However, today is a little scary – grin.

I have been blessed with a wise husband.  We have been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and his company gave him a severance package, so we are not in panic mode (yet anyway – haha).  But even so – I have had some people ask why we aren’t seemingly stressed to the max about him being out of a job.  I think it comes down to perspective.  Is the glass ½ empty or ½ full?


For many years we have pondered having our own business.  We considered a franchise, a bed & breakfast, a Mom & Pop store where you live in part of the building and have the store in the other part of the building (and sell gas, of course – grin).  While our thoughts are not going towards these types of businesses anymore, we can’t help but be excited about the chance to explore new opportunities.  If he had not been let go from his corporate job, he would probably be spending many more years at the corporate grind stone.  This has been the kick he needed to really start to explore his dream. (Of course if a marvelous corporate opportunity presents itself, he is open to that option as well – grin)


Many of you know I am a certified Life Coach, with my passion being teens/young adults and my natural ability being organizational skills.  I (we) started NewDirection Life Coaching with the idea that we would, eventually, both be working as life coaches.  Well, here’s our chance!  Jim is also a certified life coach, with his coaching focused on career development, leadership, wellness and personal finance.  He is also in the process of becoming part of the John Maxwell team.  Not to be outdone (ha, no firstborn competition in OUR marriage – giggle)  I am taking courses in Stress & Trauma with a Military Application and also will become certified to coach on parenting and stress (two different subjects, although parenting and stress can certainly go together).


So as we go forward with our dreams and look at this setback as a chance for new beginnings, I will continue to write my blog and anticipate reading the hubby’s blogs soon.  HOOAH!


PS.  We will be revamping the website next week, be sure to check it out at

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