Category: Positive Change

Holding on to Thanksgiving

“This is the day the Lord has made, We will Rejoice and be Glad in it,” Psalm 118:24. Today is the day after Thanksgiving. Are you still thankful? How many people were thankful yesterday, but have gone right back to being cranky today? Do you know some Black Friday shoppers who are not thankful they have…
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Help Others be Thankful

November is often a month people concentrate on counting their blessings, the things they are thankful for.  Coaches often ask people to list the things that bring them joy. You’ll see lots of social media challenges asking people to list one thing a day that they are thankful for.  I’d like to flip the script…
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Scaredy Cat

Last week, I was playing pickleball in an outdoor enclosure. Somehow a cat managed to work its way between a gate and the fence. Once inside, it ran as fast as it could and smashed headfirst into the fence. It then became discombobulated, turning to run as quickly as possible, ran smack into a pickleball…
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Adults acting childish

After working early voting and election day, I was surprisingly disappointed in the campaigners’ and observers’ behavior at my location. Neither side followed proper protocol, and then both sides continued to “tattle” on each other. There were absolutely zero voter issues in my area, but the site supervisor, and I, spent too much time listening…
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A Covid Halloween

Halloween in 2020 is going to look very different.  Some towns have cancelled trick-or-treating. People are getting creative in the ways they will hand out candy. I’ve heard of people delivering candy through a large tube or placing treats into plastic bags. I imagine anyone who decides to go out trick-or-treating will be wearing a…
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Empty nester loneliness

I was having a conversation with someone about my joy in meeting new people working the election when someone said, “I know so many empty nesters that move to a new area and complain how hard it is to meet new people once they don’t have to attend their children’s events.”  This is so true,…
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Overcome Your Overwhelm

There are two theories on how to begin, when there is much to get done.
1. Start with the big thing. Tackle the hard stuff first, then the rest of it seems relatively easy.
2. Start with the smallest thing. Pick something simple and easy to check it off your list. That sense of accomplishment will motivate you to continue.

In a slump

One of my favorite quotes is from former Yankee baseball plater/manager, Yogi Berra.  One of the many famous things he said is, “90% of the game is 50% mental.” Obviously, the math doesn’t add up, but the point is… success is all in your head. You can see it happen (especially in sports).  Once the…
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It’s okay to vent

Recently, I went to lunch with a friend who later thanked me for listening to them “moan and groan,” and admitted they felt better.  People need to know that it’s okay to vent, in the proper place at the proper time and with the proper person.  It’s good to talk to someone who is not…
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Music effects our mood

Have you ever just had a song pop into your head?  I’m sure many of you have.  Does it come out of nowhere, or is it the result of something someone said or something you saw? For me, it’s both.  Usually, it comes from something I see  on social media.  It will spark some song…
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