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– Feel like you are being called in a new direction?
– Looking to change your vocation or career?
– Are you “between opportunities” and looking for a direction?
– Deciding how to leave a legacy you would feel good about?
– Trying to figure our how to use your talents and gifts?
– Looking to discover or realize your potential?
– Need help with reaching or achieving your potential?
– Looking to add a spiritual aspect to your life direction?
– Trying to discover your life’s purpose?
– Wanting to lead a life of meaning and significance?
As a human resources development professional for the last 26 years, I have wrestled with many of these questions, personally and in support of fellow associates. These are some of the most challenging and perplexing questions we face in life. Discovering the answers is hugely rewarding and fulfilling, and will make your life richly satisfying. There are many tools to help you discover the answers within yourself, and life coaching can help you simplify the journey.

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“If you could see yourself in terms of your true potential, you wouldn’t recognize yourself.”
– John Maxwell