But I know you

But I know you

I was having a conversation with a friend about a situation I found myself in.  This friend gave me his thoughts and advice and then proceeded to say, “But I know you.  You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do.”  I had to chuckle, because I thought I had grown past that – haha.

My husband then chimed in, “We know where our boys get it from.”  To which I promptly deflected the blame onto my mother.  My friend asked how that worked.  I explained that my mother had given me the “mother’s curse” by saying, “I hope you have kids just like you!”  It worked (thanks MOM – grin).  Let’s hear it for the strong-willed child!  HOOAH!!

I’m not speaking from statistics this morning, but from personal experience.  Ok, really, raising a strong-willed child is NOT easy.  In fact it can be down-right frustrating!  The strong willed child is, gonna do what they’re gonna do.  Sometimes that will be the exact opposite of what you have suggested, just ‘cause you  suggested it.  The strong-willed child typically has to learn things the hard way, because they already know (or THINK they know) what is best for them and that is what they will do, even if their parents know that is not what’s best for them.

In defense of the strong-willed child, I think most times we turn out okay.  If we survive our many mistakes and the school of hard knocks, we grow up to be stronger for having “done it on our own.”  Yes, we had help, yes we heard what our parents were saying, and yes, we probably had that “AHA” moment when we realized our parents were right and things would have been much easier if we had listened to wise counsel.  I must say though, I would not change a thing.  I am the person I am because of the things I’ve experienced and I like who I am, so it’s all good.

Now, as to having my friend make the comment they did about me – that’s funny.  I truly thought I had grown into a much more open-minded, willing to take suggestions type of person.  I really think I have.  Maybe a strong will is just  part of who I am and can be seen by others, even if it has been tamed (grin).

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