It’s Bully Awareness month in our local schools. There is quite a lot of information being presented to the students, and there was even a Bully Awareness DAY. The day that all the students wore the same color for unity in a cause, I witnessed a child (in the appropriate color shirt) sitting alone, against a wall with his books. I got to wondering what the story was. I never had the opportunity to talk with him, but I wondered…
• Did he get in trouble and had to miss recess?
• Does he have any friends?
• Is he being picked on by other kids?
Of course, none of these are a favorable scenario.

Is it possible that even during Bullying Awareness month, that this young man was a victim of bullying? What do you think? Unfortunately, my answer would be “yes.”

Teachers try to have eyes on everyone and everything, but kids are sneaky. You know how the kid who starts something is seldom the one that gets caught… it’s the one who reacts who gets in trouble, because the first person caused the disruption that made the teacher look that way. Bullying is much the same way. Unless someone else sees it and reports it, the teacher may not know it’s going on… they can’t see all things, although they wish they could.

You know adults can be bullied much the same way? It may not be obvious to the boss, or it may even be happening by the boss, but it takes someone else outside of the circle to see it and report it. Have you seen someone being harassed at work? Have you done anything about it? Maybe you are the one being harassed. Have you done anything about it?

What CAN you do if you are aware of someone being bullied? Here are a few websites that discuss this topic…
What to do if someone you know is being bullied
What Individuals Can Do When Bullied at Work
Ten Signs You’re Being Bullied At Work

Bullying happens… more often than you think. Be informed and be aware. Help put a stop to it.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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